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About Jordan Redwine

Raised in the “small town” of Spring Hill, Tennessee, Jordan loves his community and serving his neighbors. Jordan still lives in Spring Hill with his wonderful wife Hannah who is also an entrepreneur and a transplant from England. They are an amazing couple that bring joy to everyone they meet.

From a young age, he has always loved cars. It was this love that made him decide to go to school to become a mechanic. After attending college he tried to enter into the industry working for a major car dealership as a mechanic. He was saddened to see the way that customers were treated and taken advantage of. While talking to his neighbor one day they expressed their distrust of the shops and dealership, and the need for a good auto service shop. It was because of this he decided to strike out on his own and redefine the automotive industry. This is what helped him also realize his passion for entrepreneurship.

Jordan has always been a “go-getter” and a problem solver. His dream is to redefine the automotive service industry by putting people above profits. Upselling people on things they don’t need and squeezing his customers out of every last penny, has always been something that has upset him. Jordan cares about taking care of his community and servicing his customer’s cars for generations. His dream is to bring the community together with a trusted and excellent auto care service.

Life is too serious, people need joy. Jordan has always been trying to find ways to spark joy in his community. When he was younger, he transformed an Oldsmobile 88 into somewhat of a community icon. With license plates on the roof and a very distinct paint-job, you couldn’t miss it when he was driving around town. Everyone would wave and they would always have a smile on their face. Some people thought the car looked funny, which made them laugh, while others had known the man driving the car, which made them smile. Jordan loves and is loved by his community.

Executive Auto Care is Jordan’s answer to the state of the automotive industry. By providing a trustworthy and relationship-based auto care service, Jordan has an outlet to maintain his community’s vehicles while building a new transparent service industry standard

Jordan's Credentials