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About Tim Dieckmann

Tim Dieckmann comes from a small town in Missouri. He married his High School sweetheart Jennifer. They have a wonderful and creative daughter Lyric that has completed their family. Tim and Jennifer have helped their young daughter achieve her dream of starting a jewelry making business. Together they started Whimzees and it has become a success in its own right. This dynamic family loves to serve and create together. They make a difference in every life they meet.

Tim has always loved cars. As a teen, he helped his Dad and brothers clean and restore the family’s classic cars. From the 1961 Pontiac Grand Prix to the 1965 Ford Mustang, there was always car work to be done. Whether it was washing, polishing or trudging through old car junk yards in search of spare parts, he loved getting involved. Detailing came naturally because it allowed him to systematically maintain and transform any vehicle. And he loved seeing the results of his hard work.

His first car was a beautiful and well-powered 1979 Cadillac Sedan de Ville. It was an instant hit among his friends since it could comfortably seat six to seven people. Road trips were not only requested but thoroughly enjoyed because of its smooth luxury. He would frequently apply a generous amount of leather conditioner to the seats, fill his Cadillac with friends and take corners a bit faster than usual, just to watch them slide in the rear view mirror.

From early on he had an interest in enterprise and legally formed his first business at the age of sixteen. Over the years, he’s formed four additional businesses and continues to pursue new endeavors.

After graduating High School in Central Missouri, he followed his other passion; helping people. He served his local community as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) after finishing training and was appointed as “Administrator” of the government operated ambulance facility at the age of just twenty-two. Later, he attended Penn Valley College and the University of Kansas, graduating with a degree in Radiology. His specialty was Medical Diagnostic Imaging. Working for twenty years in healthcare, Tim helped thousands of people while working at three large hospitals, including the University of Kansas Hospital. His favorite experiences were helping teach the new Radiology students and talking with his cancer treatment patients while working at the KU Cancer Treatment Facility.

Changing his focus, Tim now helps people in a different way. With his auto detailing and reconditioning training from a top-tier program in California, he now wants people to experience the power of truly being cared for as a customer. And he wants them to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their vehicles completely transformed.

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